Newborn & Baby Photography
Gold Coast

The newborn phase of your baby’s life is so special, yet lasts such a short period of time. So quickly they begin to fatten up and grow into little people.

This is a time in your baby’s life not to be missed. How amazing to have your precious newborn captured in time for you to look back on forever more and think ‘wow, was she really that small?’

Here at Kylie Johnson Photography, we have a gorgeous collection of beautiful baskets, blankets and wraps I can suit any taste and create many beautiful images for you. With over 10 years experience working with babies I have many skills up my sleeve to get your little darling posing like the perfect little model. With the greatest of care and  a safety first attitude you can be assured your baby will be in the best hands.

Baby Photography Gold Coast

The first year of a baby’s life seems to fly by and they change so much. They go from being a tiny, helpless baby to a little person that sits, talks and might even begin to walk. This is when your baby’s little personality begins to shine. No wonder parents are always torn to see these amazing milestones. It must be hard to believe your baby has grown so fast and will soon be a baby no more.

Knowing this for me as a photographer, I believe this first year really needs to be documented well. Not only are newborn photographs divine, but a six month old smiling cheekily into the camera is truly spectacular! I truly enjoy taking baby portraits at the age range of 3-12 months. A brilliant time for some family photographs as well!

The one year mark is another important milestone. Your baby might be walking, which is a wonderful moment to capture or you might decide to have a baby photo shoot to celebrate their first birthday with a cake and balloons. Whatever you choose, this is a lovely time for your baby to be photographed

When Is My Newborn Old Enough For
Her/His First Photo Shoot?

The best time to photograph a newborn is the first two weeks of their life. Sounds so soon I know, but this is the very best time when you can capture those sleepy little darlings. After this time, they tend to become much more alert and not as willing to sleep in any position.

What You Get From Your Professional Baby Shoot -
Newborn Shoot Fee: $200

This fee is taken at the time of booking your photo shoot to secure your appointment and covers my time and talent required to photograph and edit your gallery. This option can also feature immediate family members, including grandparents. Please note, this fee does NOT include any photographs.


  • Your newborn photo shoot will include 2-4 hours (1 hour for babies over 3 months) of custom styled newborn photography in my studio in Palm Beach or on location. I am more than happy to travel locally, interstate or internationally and can also suggest special locations. Travel fees may be charged.
  • A complimentary in person ordering session to view your beautiful gallery of about 50 images on my big screen.
  • A money back guarantee or re-shoot if you aren’t 100% happy – equals nothing to lose!
  • A huge collection of props & blankets to use for the photo shoot and a very experienced photographer with baby whispering skills.

Our Newborn Photography Packages

There are five photography digital packages to choose from ranging in price from $595 to $2495. You are also able to purchase individual products (starting at $150 for photographic prints) but I find the packages are my most popular because they offer a better value for money. I can also tailor a custom package for you if my current packages aren’t suiting your needs. Please note, there is a minimum spend of $400 (not including the shoot fee).

Examples Of Some Of Our Favourite
Baby Photography Shoots On The Gold Coast

Newborn Photography Gold Coast

This little guy was four weeks old when we did his shoot, so older than I recommend but as you can see its not impossible. I think being the youngest of three certainly helped him to be a super cruise baby. Mum rang me desperate to get this ‘froggy pose’. We had a wonderful time with him in the studio and as you can see we nailed the froggy pose! Mum was ecstatic!

Twins! This was my very first twin newborn shoot. As you can imagine, its a lot trickier and you need an extra set of hands to help with the soothing. But these little darlings were so good and we captured so many beautiful images of them!

Baby Photography Gold Coast
Newborn & Baby Shoots

I just love this shot. Its so simplistic in its beauty. And to have a newborn baby and a toddler in your studio is always tricky. But as you can see its not impossible and to capture and image like this is something you will cherish your entire life.

How To Get The Best Baby Photos From Your Shoot

Stick to your normal schedule and don’t change any of your baby’s routines. For a newborn shoot we can book the shoot to be about the time your baby sleeps, although this is quite hard as they can change so often. I say don’t stress too much about that as we have plenty of time to feed and soothe baby and we can go with what they are doing at the time. A new mum doesn’t need tonnes of instructions before a photo shoot. I just want you to feel relaxed and calm and then the experience will be much nicer for everyone.

And for a baby shoot, we can try to schedule the shoot to avoid your baby’s bedtimes. We don’t want a tired and cranky baby. However, it seems babies know when you are planning something and seem to go off track with their sleeping or feeding. I don’t know how they do that! Trying to get your baby to have a sleep before the shoot can be helpful but as I said, they have a sixth sense and sometimes don’t co-operate. Don’t worry too much because I think being stressed makes it worse. I haven’t had to reschedule a baby shoot yet so even if bub isn’t in the best mood don’t be disheartened.

Bring along dummy, bottle and teddy. Whatever you use to soothe your baby. These things are always helpful.

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